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sparkling wine cocktails

3 Spring Cocktails To Make With Sparkling Wines

As the warmer breezes are in the air, it can prompt us to make a few changes to our diets. Our palates may be craving refreshing new tastes and lighter food and drink. If you have had your fill of richer flavours and want to try something a little different, then a great place to start is with a glass of something bubbly.

Here are some spring sparkling wine cocktails to try, that can really add the fizz to social occasions such as garden parties, or just be the perfect treat to savour on a sunny afternoon on the patio.

Champagne cocktail

If you have a special occasion to celebrate, then why not treat everyone to a champagne cocktail. Of course, champagne needs no introduction because its reputation for the finest quality speaks for itself, but it also blends perfectly with many other ingredients and it is hard to resist as a cocktail ingredient. 

The classic champagne cocktail is thought to have been invented by the legendary US bartender Jerry Thomas back in 1862, and it has stood the test of time. All you need to make it is a sugar cube, angostura bitters, champagne or another sparkling wine, and a lemon twist to garnish. 

Simply soak the sugar cube in a few dashes of the bitters and drop it into a chilled champagne flute. Pour in the bubbly and garnish with a lemon twist, and you’re all set!

Hugo Spritz

This is a lovely light and refreshing drink to serve as an aperitif, or to simply enjoy as a delicious treat on its own. It originates from the northern Italian provinces and it makes use of the local herbs. To make, you’ll need St Germain (an elderflower liqueur), a sprig of mint, chilled prosecco and chilled soda water, and a lemon wheel to garnish.

Add half an ounce of St-Germain to a wine glass with the mint sprig, and gently muddle then leave aside for a few minutes. Then simply top up the glass with prosecco and a dash of soda water, add some ice and give it a gentle stir. Serve with a mint sprig and lemon wheel garnish. 

Springtime Mimosa 

This is a seasonal twist on the classic mimosa recipe with a sweet fruity flavour that’s just bursting with the joys of spring. It’s the perfect party cocktail for those celebratory occasions, and is sure to get everyone in the right mood without being too heavy on the alcohol. 

To make, you will need orange juice, strawberry puree, lavender syrup, sparkling wine, and strawberry slices and lavender sprigs to garnish. Mix the orange juice, strawberry puree and lavender syrup in a champagne flute or wine glass, and top up with sparkling wine such as prosecco, cava, crémant, or champagne. 

Add some ice and gently stir, and garnish with a strawberry slice and a lavender sprig. It looks as good as it tastes, so it will get everyone reaching for their phones to take a snap before they take a sip. 

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