To celebrate English wine week we are have 10% off our English wine collection. Try some stunning Sparkling's, rosés and white wine now with a 10% saving! Use discount code EJUNE2022 at checkout!

All raise your glasses to the new term!

If you were thinking of refilling the wine rack, look no further...we have a variety of Mixed Cases on offer here at Lloyd's Wines.

We tend to create a unique box each month - the most recent one being the 'BACK TO SCHOOL BOX' - ONLY £58!

We like to do what we can, when our customers are in need! We initially put together this cheeky 6 bottle case of lighter Italian blends for the parents out there who were able to now have a breather and kick back after an epic 6 months with the little people! Any excuse really...!

The 'BACK TO SCHOOL BOX' is only available until midnight, 30th September!
Keep your eyes peeled for October offers.

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