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Wine Regions That Deserve More Attention

Aside from Antarctica, there is a wine produced on every continent in the world, and a profoundly vast level of variety and versatility in viticultural traditions, tastes and aromas.

Of course, some regions are far more prolific than others, with Italy, Spain, France and the United States producing the vast majority of the bottles sold by a wine supplier and enjoyed responsibly by drinkers.

This leaves a huge number of lesser-known regions, countries and grapes that deserve to garner more attention than they currently do.

Koshu Valley, Japan

Japan is a country known for a wide variety of alcoholic drinks, but their winemaking traditions span over 1000 years and include some of the most beautiful varieties of grape in the world.

One of these is the striking Koshu, a red-skinned grape that strangely produces a white wine with a pale, straw colour. 

Its fruity aroma and delightfully delicate taste make it a perfect complement to the rich, umami flavours of Japanese cuisine.

Krk, Croatia

The island of Krk in Croatia is a fairly popular tourist destination in the country, but one of its most fascinating secrets is that it is home to a particularly rare grape.

The Zlahtina white grape is a grape that produces a wonderfully crisp and light white wine designed to be enjoyed young with seafood.

Croatia itself has a fascinating number of microclimates suited for growing a variety of wines, but it is rare to have a grape almost exclusively grown on a single small island.

Niagara Peninsula, Canada

Given that Canada is a rather northern part of North America, one could be forgiven for assuming that they do not have a particularly strong wine tradition due to the cold. However, near Niagara Falls is a premier source of ice wine.

Made from grapes that have frozen on the vine, the intense concentration makes them exceptionally sweet dessert wines, and their difficulty to produce makes them an exceptionally rare premium option.

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